A Winter’s Tale Dreams May Come…Somewhere in Time.

February 23, 2014

I was so sad to read this capsule of last weekend’s box office results:


” “Winter’s Tale” is the first big studio flop of 2014. $7.7 million three day opening weekend makes the movie a financial throwaway. Its total cost exceeded $150 million.”

While I am a bit taken aback about the film’s total cost, I went through this with both “What Dreams May Come” and “Somewhere in Time.” Both films were considered “financial fiascos” in theaters. And both films later found enthusiastic and loyal audiences when they made their way on to cable and DVD.

Kevin Costner once said: “You can’t tell about a film’s supposed success until at least 5 years after it opens. If people at that time are handing friends a DVD of the film and saying  ‘You have to see this’, then you know your film has made it.”

Eternal films like “A Winter’s Tale” have shelf lives that last much longer than most if not all of the films who “beat” them at the box office. I am certain that the future will warmly embrace “A Winter’s Tale.”


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Michael Murray February 23, 2014 at 4:57 pm

Having only seen a couple different trailers, my comment is limited to them.
Yet, based on them, I see a wonderful film to see in it’s entirety.
I’m betting ‘they’ based their opinion on the money not the film. Sad.
Actually make me look forward to seeing it more.
I agree, the future will embrace it as we have “What Dreams May Come” and “Somewhere in Time.”.
In Peace, Love and Happiness,
Michael ☺


Stephen Simon February 25, 2014 at 11:44 am

Thanks, Michael…I think and Judy will really love the film….big hugs to you both…


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