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From Bringing Back The Old Hollywood:

“The moments that haunt us most are the things we yearned to do but were afraid to attempt. When we try and fail, at least we know. I’ve tried and failed a lot. In 1990, I got divorced, I declared bankruptcy, my home went into foreclosure, and my car was  repossessed out of my garage.

My family and career were in ruins, and my life looked and felt like a country and western song.

When I left Hollywood in 2001, I was broke, demoralized, desperate, and again deeply in debt.

I thought that my movie career was over. No, I knew it was over.

Wrong again. My career had only just changed forms and locales.”

In Bringing Back The Old Hollywood, I’ve now written about all those moments and much more:

Frank Sinatra was my “godfather.”

My Dad was a successful producer/director and I spent the Sundays of my youth with Dad’s best friends Red Skelton, Milton Berle, Jack Benny, and Lucille Ball. I played touch football with Elvis Presley, and rode horses every Saturday with Ronald Reagan.

The spirit of The Old Hollywood is engrained in my soul and my book is a passionate declaration that The Old Hollywood is most definitely not gone forever.

I invite you then to join me in welcoming back The Old Hollywood as it is reborn.

That rebirth can come sooner than we can even imagine.

Because we are the ones who can now bring it back.

And we must, because new movies are on the brink of extinction.