DGA, SAG, And Tweets!

January 30, 2011

If you’re not already following @Old_Hollywood on Twitter, please join me there. I tweeted all the info below earlier today:

I’m so excited that Tom Hooper won DGA award last night for directing THE KING’S SPEECH. That’s always a huge clue as to who will win the Oscar.

I loved THE SOCIAL NETWORK too but THE KING’S SPEECH is a great, Old Hollywood movie-movie that would so beautifully represent the industry to the whole world.

So many critics have just assumed that THE SOCIAL NETWORK would win, but many Academy voters are older and THE KING’S SPEECH is a classic Old Hollywood film.

Same goes for the assumed “cinch” of Natalie Portman winning Best Actress, but BLACK SWAN is not a classic Academy film, and Annette Bening (THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT) has never won an Oscar.

And if THE KING’S SPEECH is the film of choice, look for Geoffrey Rush to win Supporting Actor, not critics’ darling Christian Bale for THE FIGHTER.

And Helena Bonham-Carter could also win for THE KING’S SPEECH if Amy Adams and Melissa Leo split the FIGHTER votes.

My sense about TRUE GRIT is that it will be one of those films that gets a lot of nominations but very few Oscars.

I also hear that some of the Oscar show will include a tribute to The Old Hollywood. YEAH!

The SAG Awards are tonight. The Actors branch of the Academy is by far the most populous of all Academy branches so the SAG Awards are also going to be a big clue as to who the eventual Academy winners will be.

Tomorrow’s blog:

Can Our Humanity Surpass Our Technology?

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