Feeling Better About Being Human

November 17, 2010

Today, I fly to Denver, Colorado and then drive to Boulder to record the discussions tomorrow for the February and March, 2011 Spiritual Cinema Circle (SCC) volumes.

I am so incredibly proud of SCC and what we’ve accomplished since we launched in the spring of 2004.

Back then, my partners Gay Hendricks, Katie Hendricks, Arielle Ford, Cynthia Litman, Anna Darrah and I had a vision of a monthly DVD subscription community for positive, life-enhancing films. Films that look at who we are as human beings when we operate at our very best. Films that ask the big question of why we may be here but leave the answers to the viewers. Films that make us feel better about being human. In an entertainment world that has become so jaded and cynical, it isn’t always easy to do that, is it? That search provides the fun and the excitement and the challenge of finding 4 films every month that encompass those values and illuminate the pathway ahead.

As we enter our 8th year next spring, we are so proud to have subscribers in almost 100 countries around the world. We decided very early on that we wanted our SCC community to own the films that we send out every month. As a result, our charter subscribers, those who have been with us every month since 2004, now have a library of almost 300 shorts, documentaries, and features. And all of our subscribers add 48 films each year to their collection. (By the way, the next several months feature some of our best films ever, so this is a great time to join SCC, where the first month is always free.)

Every 8 weeks or so, I fly from Portland  to Denver to record our monthly discussions. We tape 2 months of discussions each trip at the beautiful studio facilities at Gaiam in Louisville right outside of Boulder. Gaiam purchased the majority interest in SCC in 2006.

We always have a filmmaker and one of our community members at each taping so that we can discuss several different viewpoints on each film. I so look forward to those discussions because they’re such a great opportunity to sit down, share ideas, and get feedback from the filmmakers whose films we license and, of course, from our community of subscribers.

I am also always so touched when I read comments from our subscribers, young and old, from all faiths, from all the corners of the world.

So, as usual, I board the plane this morning with a sense of excitement, gratitude, and anticipation.

Here’s to SCC—may it “live long and prosper.”

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