Fun Films This Week

December 29, 2010

This week is always a great week for movie-going and so I want to recommend two new films to you that will, I believe, entertain and uplift you.

First of all, we finally caught up with Disney’s wonderful Tangled last week and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. The film hearkens back to the classic Disney days when they made magical movies like The Little Mermaid, which had the same feel of love and fun of Tangled. Putting a new musical and comic spin on the Rapunzel story, Tangled is a wondrous mixture of a perky and lovable heroine, a handsome and dashing hero, an evil villain, and wonderful animated characters like a charismatic horse whom you won’t soon forget. Special mention also has to go to the amazing Alan Mencken who wrote the score. Mr. Menken, who has won 8 Oscars and been nominated 18 times!, also wrote the scores for The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, and Aladdin, and his work on Tangled should earn him at least another nomination, if not another Oscar. I hope he has a huge mantle above his fireplace.

Second, and this may come as a surprise if you have read the negative reviews of some of our more jaded film critics, we also really enjoyed How Do You Know?, the latest film from the brilliant James L. Brooks, who has given us such classics as Terms of Endearment and the more recent and underrated Spanglish. How Do You Know stars two incredible appealing and endearing actors (Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd) as two people who meet each other on what has turned out to be the absolute worst day of each one of their lives. He has just found out that he is the focus of a federal investigation (in a company he runs for his father, played by the always charismatic Jack Nicholson) and he has just been dumped by his girlfriend because of it. She has just lost her position on the USA baseball team which has been the entire focus of her life and is dating a charming but utterly superficial athlete (Owen Wilson). The film plays out as they discover their own inner resources and each other. Charming, romantic, sweet, fun, light, and thoroughly entertaining, How Do You Know? makes for a lovely date night at the movies.

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