December 3, 2010

When I moved to Oregon almost 10 years ago, it wasn’t for the climate. It was because I had to leave Los Angeles, where I had been born and had lived my whole life. As I said in Bringing Back The Old Hollywood:

“When I left Hollywood at the age of fifty-five in 2001 because I could no longer support my family there, I was broke, demoralized, desperate, and again deeply in debt. Another personal bankruptcy loomed.”

So, obviously, climate was not even a consideration. I did know that I had grown tired of having no discernible change of seasons in Los Angeles. As an old joke went: “Regardless of what other people think, we actually do have 4 seasons in Southern California. Fires, floods, earthquakes, and riots.” (Sorry, L.A. As Flip Wilson would have said “The devil made me say that.” And I’m still a big Laker fan, which is no small feat here in Portland.)

All I knew about Oregon’s climate was that it rained. A lot.

Now that I’ve lived here for almost 10 years, I can say firsthand that it does rain here in the fall, winter, and spring. And then it rains some more. Sometimes it even snows. And then it rains some more. Almost 40 inches a year, on average.  I must say that I have grown to love the rain and particularly adore the change of seasons and even get excited by the cold of winter. Summers are gorgeous beyond words but it can be pretty gray for weeks at a time in winter.

So, when the sun comes out in all its glory on a December day in Portland and the air is so fresh that it makes your lungs feel reborn, and you feel the warmth of the sun on your face like a welcome embrace from an old friend, and you can see Mount Hood rising up majestically in the distance looking like the Paramount Studios logo (hey, I’ll always be a movie guy at heart, what can I say?), it just isn’t possible to stay inside and write!

So, today I have been hoodnapped by the beauty outside. Wherever you may be today, I hope you find some beauty and peace. See you tomorrow!

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Danny December 3, 2010 at 8:27 pm

That you can take a pleasant break,
and smell the r…. well? “see” the Hood,
makes this humble soul, happy, and proud
of you! This old World is NOT passing you by!
… Stay your course … You are one of Life’s truly
Good Guys … and, are Loved, sincerely, by many …


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