Mile High

January 24, 2011

OK, how many of you thought this blog was a sequel to yesterday’s HOT NAKED YOGA?

Actually, I’m referring to Denver where I’m flying today so that I can host the film discussions tomorrow for Volumes 4 and 5 (April and May) of The Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Volume 4 marks the beginning of our 8th year of sending out monthly DVDs to subscribers in over 90 countries worldwide. I am so happy and proud!

Also, tomorrow (Tuesday), the Oscar nominations are released. I’m going to get a post up here tomorrow morning about those nominations as soon after they’re released as possible so we can start a discussion about them.

The Oscar ceremony(which, by the way, I understand will include a salute to The Old Hollywood) is February 27. That’s wonderfully fortuitous timing because we begin the national publicity campaign for my book and this community 2 days after that on March 1. I’m very excited about some of the coverage that is already on the horizon!

One thing we already know about the Oscar show: the hosts (James Franco and Anne Hathaway) will not be nearly as controversial as Ricky Gervais was on the Golden Globes. Is that a good or bad thing? Will that make the show more or less entertaining? And will it last less than 4 hours?

Off to the airport now. Have a great Monday!

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