Praise for Bringing Back the Old Hollywood – From NY

November 20, 2010

Stephen! I just want to thank you SOOO much for writing this book. My Wife and I attended the Somewhere In Time 30th Anniversary celebration at the Grand Hotel and had met you there. You had told us of your book, and I expressed interest to my Wife. I had gone to the gift shop at the hotel the very next day, and they were all sold out. Much to my surprise, my Wife had already gotten a signed copy of it from you.
I started reading the book on my own, and thought that my Wife would enjoy the stories as well. So, instead of me reading it, and then giving it to my Wife to read; we now, just before going to sleep, read it to each other in bed! What a great way to end the day. Once again, we thank you for sharing.

Joseph S, New York, New York

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