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Bringing Back The Old Hollywood has more wisdom and entertainment value than any book you’re likely to pick up this year and is also a monumental contribution to the future of movies. In the book, Stephen tells vivid stories about his adventures with Tom Cruise, Madonna, Christopher Reeve, his ‘godfather’, Frank Sinatra, and many others. (By the way, the chapter on Sinatra actually contains the single greatest show-business story we’ve ever read. You have our permission to jump straight to Chapter Four when you get the book!)  Beyond the wonderful stories, though, the book lays out a visionary, heart-opening and mind-expanding plan for bringing forth a new era of movies that make a difference in our lives. Get Bringing Back The Old Hollywood and head immediately for the couch or easy chair. Take a snack, too, because you’re not going to want to put the book down once you’ve started it!

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks
Authors, Conscious Loving, The Corporate Mystic


For anyone who loves movies, Bringing Back The Old Hollywood is a must read.   Entertaining, insightful, intriguing, inspirational and fun are but a few words to describe Stephen Simon’s incredible journey as a Hollywood filmmaker.  There is no one else who could bring these show-business stories to life because Stephen lived them, survived and learned.  And, it is his wisdom of failure and renewal that is the icing on the cake of this delicious book.  I’m not going to reveal his plan for bringing back the old Hollywood because this is something you will want to discover yourself.  Buy the book and get ready to have your own wonderful adventure.
James Mapes
Author, Quantum Leap Thinking


For both a wonderful “read” and a wonderful opportunity, don’t miss Bringing Back the Old Hollywood by Stephen Simon. You’re going to love this book, with its nostalgic and fun-filled travel back to days gone by, and you’re going to love the fact that you can accept its invitation to wonderfully enhance the days ahead by helping us to return filmatic story telling to its Golden Age once more.

Neale Donald Walsch
Author, Conversations with God


Stephen’s book had perfect timing in my life.  Like many others in these times, I was recently “let go”.  What?!  I have never been let go.  My life as I knew it seemed to collapse. This occured while reading the part of Stephen’s book that was most fascinating to me…the stars, old Hollywood, the intriguing stories, and of course-“Frank”!  Oddly enough, after I was let go, I had passed through the entertaining part of his book, and had moved on to the tougher part of Stephen’s life…his real life.  I could relate to how fast things in our life change, and how quickly they can change for the worse or the better.  I found a great job that was more suited to my personality, but first had to put things in perspective and realize it was for the best.  I enjoyed the entire book for so many reasons and highly recommend it as it has something for everyone.  You will really enjoy the book if you love old movies as I do!

David M., Oregon


“I am a very avid movie goer and Stephen Simon reveals what I like the most….the real workings of what went on back in the heyday of Hollywood. The gossip, the backstabbing, the wheeling – dealing of the hierarchy of the cream of the crop. It read so quickly that I sat down to start after lunch and was done by cocktail hour. I was so filled with tidbits and new learned facts that I called some friends to get together and have a drink. Then I duly impressed them with all that I learned. The glamour and excitement that Stephen grew up in was amazing….but more fascinating to me was the way he dissected it into so many levels of the good and bad . Not all roses for sure…but one hell of an experience. I felt like I was living it with him. Bringing Back Old Hollywood is absolutely fantastic..

Stephen R, New York


I have just finished “The Old Hollywood,” and have the following thoughts:
What Stephen Simon revealed about his childhood and career are those things that people like myself only dreamed about and to some extent still do today. His amazing humility is ironic considering his upbringing and career accomplishments, and elbow rubbing with ‘the crem de la crem’ in Hollywood. He has every right to be a full blown narcissist. Thank goodness he isn’t. This autobiographical look at his life reads like a well developed novel with elements of suspense and mystery whereby the reader cannot wait to see how it all turns out. I could not put it down!
Tom Schuyler


After reading Bringing Back the Old Hollywood, I finally feel like I understand what it was like to be in Hollywood during the 1940s and 50s, how movies were dreamed up and stars were made. Wow– what a story!  And if you, like me, miss movies like they used to make them, then you have to read this book because, as Stephen says, it’s up to us to bring back the Old Hollywood, resurrecting the best elements of that time to make the movie business work again today. This book is priceless- and also a must-read for all filmmakers!

Anna D., New Mexico


What a beautiful  journey of life inside Old Hollywood. From privileged beginnings, to making his mark in the world at a young age, to ego-induced shattered dreams, Simon’s eventual life change helped everyone around him to change theirs.  This book is so personal, you understand and feel the life, love and reason why Stephen Simon is who he is and the profound mark he is leaving on all of us. And the fact that Frank Sinatra is his godfather… how freakin’ cool is that!

Andrew G., California


Having made more than my fair share of mistakes over the years, I feel better knowing that someone like Stephen Simon would have the courage to tell you the real story of his life so far, not the “Hollywood” version. In admitting his own mistakes, Stephen allows us to go on a journey of discovery and rebirth with him. After getting knocked down, Stephen has picked himself up, dusted himself off and gotten on with the business of life on more than one occasion, always pursuing his passion for film-making. Ultimately, his story is one of hope, and I felt better after reading it. In the end, isn’t that what we all really want to know about our life, that there really is hope for all of us no matter how many times we fall down? So, do yourself a favor. Get a copy of Stephen’s book, settle into a comfortable chair and get ready for a great read. In true Old Hollywood fashion, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be amazed!

Hopefully, you will also be moved to join with Stephen in seeing that films get made tthat audiences will remember for more than five minutes after they leave the theatre. I know you will remember his book long after you finish it.

Steve E., Michigan


Having grown up in a Hollywood family myself, reading Stephen Simon’s Bringing Back the Old Hollywood was a trip down memory lane. Reminders of a by-gone era and revelations about some of Hollywood’s brightest stars shed new light on America’s favorite pastime—the movies. Pages turn easily; I couldn’t put this engaging and well-written book down. Hooray for the Old Hollywood!”

Michael D., California


What a trip you took me on Stephen! “Old Hollywood” was clearly a magical place and after reading your book I feel as if I grew-up there with you. But your words were much more than just a Hollywood history lesson for me. You detail the modern-day shortcomings many of us see in the film industry. Your critique is not only honest but it’s also hopeful — giving current movie-makers a script that can return “New Hollywood” to the days you so fondly remember.

Russ, West Linn, Oregon


Many thanks for choosing to write “Bringing Back the Old Hollywood”. It’s a wonderful book, quite candidly written and a true joy to read. You’ve certainly done Hollywood, Old and New. Spiritual Cinema Circle is alive and well and I whole-heartedly support your vision of Old Hollywood in whatever form it may take.

I’m so grateful to be sharing time with you on planet earth.

Tonight, Linda and I have rented “Somewhere In Time”, neither of us have ever seen it! Needless to say, we are excited to watch it!

John H, Ukiah, CA


Stephen! I just want to thank you SOOO much for writing this book. My Wife and I attended the Somewhere In Time 30th Anniversary celebration at the Grand Hotel and had met you there. You had told us of your book, and I expressed interest to my Wife. I had gone to the gift shop at the hotel the very next day, and they were all sold out. Much to my surprise, my Wife had already gotten a signed copy of it from you.
I started reading the book on my own, and thought that my Wife would enjoy the stories as well. So, instead of me reading it, and then giving it to my Wife to read; we now, just before going to sleep, read it to each other in bed! What a great way to end the day. Once again, we thank you for sharing.

Joseph S, New York, New York