The Address of Happiness: A Spiritual Love Story!!

July 17, 2013

The Address Of Happiness Arrives In Hollywood

Source: Heart Publishing and Happiness Publishing LLC Dated: Jul. 17, 2013

Producer Stephen Simon, Producer of Somewhere in Time, purchases the Motion Picture Rights to the Popular Love Story

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Los Angeles, California – Hollywood has found The Address Of Happiness and Producer Stephen Simon has got it. The Address of Happiness is a new novel by David Paul Kirkpatrick. Film Producer Stephen Simon, the producer of the classic fantasy romance Somewhere In Time starring Christopher Reeve, has acquired the movie rights.

“This kind of love story comes around only once in every generation,” explained Simon. “When you have a chance to become a part of it, you have to move heaven and earth to get involved. A gem like this has to be protected and nurtured and the wonderful, magical quality of the book has to be interpreted with just the right tone. I know we can make this story a deeply emotional, transformative movie experience for the audience.” Stephen Simon has a track record with such motion pictures. Besides producing the classic Somewhere in Time, Simon also produced the Academy Award winning What Dreams May Come, starring Robin Williams.

The Address of Happiness is a spiritual love story in which two souls meet before they are born and vow to find each other on earth. The novella has been described as the “the ultimate weeper” by its fans on various social book-sharing platforms. The book takes “a single hour” to read and, according to the author, was designed to leave the reader “in a puddle of tears and optimism”.

Random Hearts producer Marykay Powell called it “The Love Story of the new millennium”, referring to Eric Segal’s best-selling novella which sold 20 million copies and could also be read in one hour. Joel L Watts of The Huffington Post said of the potential movie adaption: “There is no doubt this movie will be one to ignite in the audience not just an emotional reaction, but also an emotional attachment.”

“I am delighted that The Address of Happiness ended up with Stephen Simon,” said author Kirkpatrick, himself a one time producer and Hollywood executive. “While the story has fantastical elements, Stephen will keep the focus on the characters and the love story which will be critical for the audience.”

No director, cast, or studio has yet been set. The Address of Happiness, published in the USA and Canada on July 1, 2013, is a publishing co-venture with Heart Publishing of Chicago and Happiness Publishing LLC. Stephen Simon’s company is Mystical Movies. Mr. Simon also oversees The Spiritual Cinema Circle, a global DVD community dedicated to films with a spiritual message.



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Michelle O'Neil August 9, 2013 at 1:51 pm

I just read the book on your recommendation. It was lovely. Made me cry. Looking forward to the film!


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