The Movie Time Of The Year

November 4, 2010

Fall colors, a chill in the air, football and basketball in full swing, Turkey Day fast approaching—it’s the movie time of the year.

I am very happy, proud, and excited to be a member of The Academy of  Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which means that I am of the one of 6,000 or so people that get to nominate and then vote for the Academy Awards.

It also means that we get dozens of films at home on DVD every November and December to review as potential Oscar nominees. As we watch these films, I’ll be blogging about the ones that I think are really worth noting. One thing I won’t be doing is talking about the films we don’t enjoy. I leave that to the critics. The only films we will note here on this blog will be the ones I feel can heartily recommend.

Here’s to the Movie Time!

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