Those Will Be The Days….

April 29, 2011

When movies for people in Acts 2 and 3 of life are distributed to theaters in every month of the year, rather than just the last 3 months of each year to qualify for Academy Awards. What a wonderful moment that will be when we can actually go see films of interest in February, April, June, August, etc., not just October, November, and December. In other words, when we can get back into the habit of going to movies.

When writers and story tellers are again elevated to their rightful status of respect and gratitude.

When movies are again made with the best actors in each role, not necessarily the actors with the biggest names or DVD sales inEurope.

When directors, producers, and writers equally share responsibility for the decisions that get made every day in a film’s life. This would mean more rights for writers so they are not fired on whim, and hopefully the end of “the film by” credit for directors that denigrates the contribution of every other creative person who contributes to a film’s success.

When it is fun to be in a movie theater again with like-minded audiences who respect the theater-going experience not only for themselves but for others and actually turn their cell phones off when they enter the theater or, better yet, leave them in the car, at home, or maybe even the nearest recycle center or cell phone graveyard? Really, if you’re not a doctor on call, the text message from your friend asking where you had breakfast that morning can wait, can’t it?

When the theater owners have a stake in the films themselves, don’t have to give 80 or 90% of the box office gross to a studio distributor, and can therefore charge less of an admission price and much less for popcorn, sodas, and candy. In other words, when going to a movie is much more affordable.

When the films themselves are not all shown in 3D or Smell-O-Vision or Earthquake Simulation or whatever the new fad might be in the moment that makes the studios think that they can gouge the public for a higher admission price.

When we can once again look forward to the feeling of anticipation of entering a dark movie theater to see and experience the inspiration and emotional excitement of flickering images on a big screen that lift our hearts and speak to the best of our hopes, wishes and dreams.

Those indeed will be the days…..

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Gabriella Hartwell May 1, 2011 at 6:11 pm


Yes those are the days that are emerging more fully with each passing day, as we individually and collectively raise the vibration of our planet, remembering what we are doing here. I couldn’t agree more about leaving the cell phones at home or completely turned off…I mention this in my first book You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching, how important it is to be able to enjoy your own company and what it is that you are choosing to do in any moment to the fullest.

This is happening, more and more…and I am excited to be alive now to be taking part in this transformation of the Old Hollywood revival, the “Old Hollywood” with a new twist.

Thanks for sharing your vision!


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