When We Build It, They Will Come

March 21, 2011

My wife Lauren and I have had a wonderful 3 day getaway in the magical energy of Cannon Beach, Oregon. During our time here, we’ve had an incredibly enthusiastic response not only to my book (local bookstores, etc.), but overwhelmingly to the concept of bringing back The Old Hollywood.

It’s really been exciting to hear people talk with such passion about missing the way Old Hollywood consistently made movies for those of us who are enjoying Act 2 and 3 of our lives. I have been asked a lot over the last few days about our actual mission so today I’m including below an excerpt from Chapter 17 of  Bringing Back The Old Hollywood:

“If you build it, they will come.” Field of Dreams, 1989.

“Together, We Can Bring Back The Old Hollywood.

Meet Us At The Summit

Bringing Back The Old Hollywood is not just a metaphor.

It is, rather, a practical and achievable goal.

To do so is going to require the establishment of a new marketplace where people who care about the future of movies can gather to discuss, debate, and decide how movies outside The New Hollywood will get financed and distributed from this moment forward.

When local issues are in need of airing, town halls are often convened so that every one in the community can have a voice in the outcome.

When major world issues are at stake, a summit is often convened to determine how to proceed.

Combining the best of both those worlds, we are now planning film summits with a town hall atmosphere and structure.

These new film summits will not convene in just one physical location because The Old Hollywood cannot return in just one place.

The new town hall summits on the future of filmed entertainment will meet online and in various cities around the world where film communities are already burgeoning and where more will proliferate as the next few years unfold.

These town hall summits are already in the planning phase for several cities and await your participation and input as to how they will look, feel, and be.

Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen delineated some of the issues that I believe will need to be discussed at the summits; however, many of the solutions to the challenges weren’t addressed in those chapters because I’m simply not smart enough to have thought of all of them.

Those solutions will have to come from you.

For all these reasons and more, we invite and look forward to your input and participation in the process.

A New Coalition

The summits will bring together a new and vibrant coalition of writers, producers, financiers, directors, actors, actresses, executives, crew members, distributors, media, film lovers, lawyers, theater owners, and supporters from all over the world.

This process is in many ways a huge jigsaw puzzle that awaits the delivery of individual pieces from people around the world.

Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison

My vision for these summits actually took shape watching the brilliant HBO miniseries John Adams.

Delegates appeared from every colony to sit down together and form a new republic. The process was often messy, the discussions were passionate, and opinions varied greatly on how to proceed until consensus eventually emerged and a course of action was determined.

In other words, participants waded into the maelstrom of creativity and didn’t emerge until a new vision eventually appeared.

An Invitation

So, no matter whether you are a filmmaker or a movie fan, we invite you to join us at www.TheOldhollywood.com

Welcome home, Old Hollywood.

We missed you.

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